Who is

Leigh Cutler was born loving food. Literally. It was a family joke that she caused her mother to go into early labour, her waters breaking as she dined at a Melbourne food institution, Florentino’s. True story.

From that moment on, and in the years that followed, Leigh’s love affair with food blossomed and so did her talent as a cook. Always one to cook from the heart, it showed in the dishes she shared with family and friends.

Leigh’s approach to food is unpretentious and based on cooking with simple or sophisticated ingredients and transforming them into moreish flavours that taste good and make you feel yummy.

Lola’s Kitchen is named as tribute to Lola, Leigh’s Grandmother, a woman who represents real old fashioned food that’s good for the soul.

Lola’s Kitchen celebrates food, family and friends. Whether an elegant dinner or fast mid-week meals, Lola’s Kitchen offers delicious meals with some great recipes and exciting inspiration.